Wood & Sons (England) 'English Scenery' Large Rim Soup Bowls (set x6)

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Wood & Sons were an earthenware manufacturer at the Trent, New Wharf Potteries and later the Stanley Pottery, Burslem. Their Wood's Ware range was released circa 1940s and included a variety of pieces in various pastel colours.

You can read more about Wood & Sons and their backstamps, here: http://www.thepotteries.org/mark/w/wood_sons.html


Pattern: English Scenery, in Pink
Produced from 1917 (to the early 1930s, at the latest)

Model: Large Rim Soup Bowls (set x6)

Dimensions: 23cm diameter x 3.5cm tall

Condition: Great to excellent condition with very little surface wear.

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