Whitefriars (England) 'Coffin' 5" Vase in Tangerine, Model #9686 | Designed by Geoffrey Baxter

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In 1923 James Powell and Sons, later to become Whitefriars Glass Limited, opened a factory on Tudor Road, Wealdstone in Harrow. Relocating there from the crowded and smoggy corner of the City of London, where it had been based since 1680.

The original Whitefriars site was located close to the River Thames. This meant that sand, clay, coal and other materials used in the glass making process could easily be transported to the Factory. This useful location had previously been a monastery of the Carmelite Fathers (founded in 1241), whose white habits earned the monks the nickname ‘White Friars’.

In 1962 the firm was renamed Whitefriars Glass Limited. And the following year the modern, recognisable logo of a stylised friar was introduced. Harking back to the original site of the glassworks in the City of London. In October 1980, after 300 years of glassmaking and only 57 years in Wealdstone, the Whitefriars Glass Factory finally closed its doors.

You can read more about Whitefriars and their history, here:


A classic Whitefriars 'Coffin' vase.

Designed by Geoffrey Baxter.

Colour: Tangerine
Produced from 1972

Model #9686
Size: 5"

Dimensions: 13cm tall, 7.5cm wide and 4.5cm deep

Condition: Excellent vintage condition, with no to mention. 


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