Vintage Porcelain Glove Moulds | Made by General Porcelain, in the USA [Sold Separately]

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A fabulous collection of vintage porcelain glove moulds; a unique styling piece for any display area!

Each mould was made by General Porcelain, in Trenton, New Jersey. We have three available in this collection, each sold separately. These were originally used to make rubber gloves.

All are in great to excellent vintage condition, with only a small amount of wear - scuffs, etc. No chips, cracks or major damages at all. All measure approx 36cm tall.

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Options (left to right):

  1. Model size 6.5, dated July 28, 2000
  2. Model size 7, dated February 27, 1995
  3. Model size 8.5, dated October 7, 1974
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