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KPM Royal Porzellan (West Germany) 7.5" Porcelain Vase

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Porcelain (aka porzellan) and Germany have a long history, with some successful manufacturers still in production today, producing classic and timeless porcelain pieces.

Across the mid-century era however porcelain production boomed, with a number of players hitting the market, flooding consumers with an extensive range of products.

Companies in the field across this period included Rieber, KPM, Kaiser, Heinrich, Scherzer and Bareuther to name a few.



Company KPM Royal Porzellan

The Royal Porcelain Factory in Berlin, also known as the Royal Porcelain Manufactory Berlin and whose products are generally called Berlin porcelain, was founded in 1763 by King Frederick II of Prussia. Its actual origins lie in three private enterprises which, under crown patronage, were trying to establish the production of porcelain in Berlin from the mid-18th century onwards.

Dimensions 19cm (7.5") tall, 7cm diameter

Condition Great to excellent vintage condition with no wear that we can see. This piece was produced in the 1960s, based on the backstamp used at this time. 

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