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JEMA Holland (Netherlands) 13.5" Dachshund Figurine | Model #321

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In 1942 JEMA Holland was born out of a partnership of two brothers, Jelis and Johan Willem Mager, who took over an existing ceramic works in the city of Maastricht, Netherlands.

Due to the war years and a number of site relocations, it wasn't until 1955 that the brothers created the company name which we're familiar with today, with JEMA coming from the first and second names Jelis (JE) and Mager (MA).

The company produced a variety of ceramics through the peak of the mid-twentieth century, finally closing their doors in 1984.

You can read more about JEMA Holland, here.



Model #321, Dachshund 
Production 1960s/70s

Dimensions 34.5cm tall

Condition Excellent condition with no wear that we can see. Retains original paper/foil label.

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