Faceted Art Glass 'Esagonale' 10" Block Vase | Made by Mandruzzato, in Murano, Italy

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Faceted art glass block vases were produced by many manufacturers on the island of Murano, Italy, with the most popular and well-known being Mandruzzato.

Whilst the company is well-known for their exquisite pieces of highly sought after glass, they are by no means the only company that delivered such incredible pieces.

Most if not all of these faceted art glass block vases feature a layered colour submerged effect, known as as 'sommerso' (the Italian word for submerged), which was made famous on the island of Murano itself.


This particular piece was indeed manufactured by Mandruzzato - we have purchased this direct from the company itself. It has a label of authenticity and is signed by Alessandro Mandruzzato, etched in the base of the vase.

This shape/model was known as 'Esagonale'.

It measures approx 25cm (10") tall and 7.5cm wide, and has gorgeous tones of deep burgundy and light golden yellow submerged in the clear glass.

It is also in excellent condition with no chips, cracks or scratches.

Note there are small plastic feet added to the base to protect from scratching, which can be removed quite easily if required to.


Mandruzzato was established in 1934 by Benjamin Mandruzzato on the island of Murano, Italy. The company is family run and today, still in operation, is overseen by Benjamin's grandson, Alessandro Mandruzzato.

You can read more about Mandruzzato, here:

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