Åseda (Sweden) 'Jack in the Pulpit' aka Bone Vases - Extra Large | Designed by Bo Borgström [Sold Separately]

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Åseda Glasbruk was a mid 20th century glass factory that operated in the town of Åseda, Sweden. Their head designer was Bo Borgstrom, widely acclaimed as a ceramics artist before joining the company in 1961.

Åseda Glasbruk was incorporated into the Royal Krona group in 1975, which went into liquidation in 1977.



A fabulous selection of the company's incredible 'Jack in the Pulpit' aka bone vases, in a variety of colours. This selection showcases the extra large pieces from the collection, ranging from 12" to 13.5" in height.

All vases are in great to excellent vintage condition, with no chips, cracks or wear to note. Some may have light water staining, mentioned if so.

Each vase sold separately; please choose your preferred option from the drop-down menu.

(from left to right)

  1. Ruby Red - 33cm / 13" ( light water staining)
  2. Amber - 34cm / 13.5"
  3. Orange Red - 32cm / 12.5"
  4. Royal Blue - 32.5cm / 13"


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