Holmegaard (Denmark) Medium 12" 'Gulvvase' (Floor Vase) in Cobalt Blue | Designed by Otto Brauer

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With a long and proud tradition of glass production since 1825, Holmegaard is a Danish design icon and one of the most recognised names in Scandinavian craftsmanship traditions.

Holmegaard’s cultural heritage is more than just a tale of quality craftsmanship over time. Holmegaard builds on the heritage of a remarkable woman who was ahead of her time – Countess Henriette Danneskiold-Samsøe – who not only pursued her late husband’s dream of creating a glasswork by Holmegaard marsh, but who also managed to transform it into ab artistic and aesthetic house that is still relevant today.

You can read more about Holmegaard and their history, here:


Otto Brauer and the 'Gulvvase'

A classic design pieces from the 1960s, Otto Brauer’s range of floor vases - the Gulvvase collection. 

The vases were designed in 1962 in a selection of bottle forms and a limited number of colours including amber, cobalt blue and olive green. There were five sizes in total ranging from 26cm (10") to 52cm (20.5") in height.

In 1970, additional colours were launched with a white cased layer allowing the exterior colour to really make an impact. Colours were brighter too, being red, turquoise, green and yellow as some examples.



Model: Gulvvase
Designer: Otto Brauer

Dimensions: 31cm (12") tall, 12cm diameter (base)

Condition: Great to excellent vintage condition. No chips, cracks or major wear. A very small amount of surface wear on the base from being on display, but minimal.


Note, the amber is sold separately.

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