Crown Crystal Glass (Australia) 40 Series - 'Egyptian' (aka Waffle and Comb) Comport, in Rosaline Pink | Model #4070 *RARE FIND*

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The Sydney glass maker Crown Crystal Glass was the largest and most successful manufacturer of Australian domestic glassware in the last half of the 20th Century.

Many of the company's award-winning products can still be found in many Australian households and a successful export drive sent Australian glass to many countries including the USA, UK, Netherlands, Germany, and even Scandinavia - itself a major exporter of quality glass.

Crown Crystal Glass are the parent company of another well known brand you're likely to see here - Australian made PYREX.


Pattern: 40 Series - 'Egyptian' aka Waffle and Comb
Circa: early 1930s - visible in the 1932 Crown Crystal Glassware trade catalogue

Model: Comport, in Rosaline Pink | Model #4013

Dimensions: 14cm tall x 23cm diameter

Condition: Great to excellent condition, for its age. No chips. No major scratches or surface wear. A couple of bubbles in the glass which is common for more depression glass from this era.