Bagni (Italy) Floral Pencil Holder / Vase | Green

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Alvino Bagni was born in Lastra a Signa, Italy, in 1919, and from a young age he began to take an interest in ceramics. Thanks to the teachings of an elderly artist, Torello Santini, he got a job in the workshop of Arnaldo Pugi’s ceramics factory in Ponte a Signa.

After WWII, Pugi gave Bagni the financial support to help him open his own workshop. Alvino took several family members with him, including his wife Gina, who accompanied him throughout his career. The 1950s and '60s were fundamentally important for the Bagni company, which succeeded in establishing privileged relations with a number of important names in American design and business, including Raymor and Rosenthal, for whom he created extremely modern items for that time.

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A fabulous ceramic pencil holder or small vase in a fun dark purple floral decor, circa 1960s. The flowers on the lime green purple backdrop just pops!

This beauty is a compact size, coming in at about 12cm tall and 7.5cm wide at its widest point.

It's in great vintage condition with no major wear that we can see except some crazing internally which can just been seen via the pictures.

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