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Sklarna Chřibská (Czechoslovakia) Art Glass 8" Vase | Model 242/3/20, Designed by Josef Hospodka

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The Chřibská glassworks (full name Sklarna Chřibská) was founded in the town of Chřibská in 1414 - originally part of Bohemia, and later part of Czechoslovakia. The company was one of the oldest glass manufacturing companies in Europe, until it closed in the late 2000s.

Run by the Mayer family after they took operation in the late 1800s, until World War II, when such time many factories were nationalised, and Chřibská became part of the Borske Sklo National Corporation.

Josef Hospodka - the most well known designer for the firm - joined the factory and became head designer at Borske Sklo and Chřibská from 1958-1970. During this period,

Hospodka was responsible for designing some of the most recognisable forms of the company with their organic, sculptural shapes. So popular as such they remained in production until the factory closed.

Whilst Hospodka left in the early 1970s, he returned in 1985 as a designer, until his death in 1989.

You can read more about Sklarna Chřibská, here.


Model 242/3/20, Vase 
Colour Lime Green, Blue

Designer Josef Hospodka
Production 1960s

Dimensions 20cm (8") tall, 16.5cm wide

Condition Great to excellent condition with no major wear that we can see. Some light nicks to the base edges, but minimal.

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