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Mandruzzato (Murano, Italy) Faceted Art Glass 'Anfora' 10.5" Textured Block Vase, in Lime Green *RARE FIND*

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Faceted art glass block vases were produced by many manufacturers on the island of Murano, Italy, with the most popular and well-known being Mandruzzato.

Whilst the company is well-known for their exquisite pieces of highly sought after glass, they are by no means the only company that delivered such incredible pieces.

Other companies that have produced glassware in this faceted style include Campanella, V. Nason, Formia, Bucella Cristalli, Vetri Molati, Cesare Toso, Gianni Seguso and Oball, just to name a few.

Most if not all of these faceted art glass block vases feature a layered colour submerged effect, known as as 'sommerso' (the Italian word for submerged), which was made famous on the island of Murano itself.


Manufacturer Mandruzzato

Model Anfora
Colour Lime Green

Dimensions 27cm (10.5") tall, 16.5cm wide (at its widest point), 6.5cm deep

Condition Great vintage condition - we would have said 'excellent' if it wasn't for a couple of very small nicks near the edge towards the base. Very minimal however mentioned for accuracy.

This model has a concave spot on each side to assist in lifting the vase - this particular piece weighs in at over 3kg! See how its demonstrated in the pictures.

Mandruzzato was established in 1934 by Benjamin Mandruzzato on the island of Murano, Italy. The company is family run and today, still in operation, is overseen by Benjamin's grandson, Alessandro Mandruzzato.

You can read more about Mandruzzato, here.

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