Blenko Glass Co (USA) 14" Decanter/Bottle, in Ice Blue | Sunflower Decor

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Blenko Glass Co. has been a family owned and operated company since 1893. They have been located in Milton, West Virginia since 1921 and still operate to this day.

Exquisite colour, skilled craftsmen, and imaginative designs have made Blenko famous in the time-honoured craft of hand-blown glass.

You can read more about Blenko and their history, here:



Pattern: Sunflower Decor, in Ice Blue
Model: 14" Decanter/Bottle

Dimensions: 35cm (14") tall

Condition: Excellent condition with no wear to mention. Note this is hand-blown, as all Blenko pieces are, and each piece is different slightly in terms of colour, shape, etc - the nature of true hand-blown glass.


Note - this is similar to the Empoli (Italian) version of the design, however Blenko has two leaves and the Italian version has three.

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