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SylvaC Pottery (England) 'Rabbit' #1064 Figurine

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Shaw & Copestake (aka SylvaC), a factory established by William Shaw and William Copestake in 1894, was given the name Shaw & Copestake. However, William Copestake quit the company midway through the first year allowing Mr. Richard Hull to become William Shaw’s business partner in 1895.

SylvaC is most renowned for its ornate molded clay products, including animals, vases, jugs, and wall pockets. The styling of several SylvaC goods is distinctively Victorian/early twentieth century while being made during the Art Deco period.

Many of their earlier pieces are high sought-after and collectible, including their range of jardinieres, planters and vases.

You can read more about SylvaC, here.


Model 'Rabbit' #1064 Figurine
Production 1960s

Dimensions 10.5cm tall, 8.5cm long, 4.5cm wide

Condition Excellent condition with no wear we can see.

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