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The Way We Pack

The Way We Pack

There's nothing worse than finding something you love online, you spend your hard-earned cash on it, you wait patiently as it travels across land and sea, to find that when it arrives your dreams are shattered - just like the fragile item is, in a package that was not sufficiently supported to make the journey.

We often get asked that we "pack well so that my items make safe transit" or "can you please ensure my items are packaged correctly" - so what a better time to provide some detail on how we package items for safe delivery, no matter where they're going around the world.

Keep it Secure

Packing goods for transit is not an art, it is common sense.

At That Retro Piece every fragile item is wrapped in paper, bubble wrap and then supported by packaging contents to ensure the item(s) is secure in its large-enough box that it does not touch the sides.

Recycled / Biodegradable Material

We use recycled and biodegradable material where possible, as a first priority. Newspaper and other recycled paper materials provide the initial layer of wrap, supported then by bubble wrap.

Boxes are filled with paper products and void fill (aka packing peanuts) to completely fill the box. We're happy to advise that we have been using 100% biodegradable void fill for many years.

Safe Transit

If we're not completely happy with the way an item is packaged ready for transit, it doesn't leave our warehouse. We've been on the receiving end of damaged goods and we know how heartbreaking it is to receive them!


We hope this provides some clarity and comfort on the process we go through to ensure that your items arrive at your doorstep just as you imagined.

Do you have any further questions of how we pack? Drop us a line at and we'd be happy to chat.