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Maybe it's time for Refresh Retro?

Tired of your current home decor? Time to mix it up!

Have you found that it's time to revamp your home decor, reinvigorate your tableware or rejuvenate your personal style? Maybe it's time to take advantage of our Refresh Retro program.

What is the Refresh Retro program?

The Refresh Retro program allows you to trade in your existing items for a store credit, which you can then use towards something from our vast collection of fabulous home decor and homewares.

How does the program work?

Firstly, we view your items for trade and confirm whether they meet our brand's criteria. Upon receiving your items and our inspection is completed, a store credit is issued to you in the form of an electronic gift card. You can then use the store credit to purchase your new goods!



You enquire about trading a mid-century art glass vase that we would generally sell for around $300. It is inspected and deemed to be a piece that we would be interested in sourcing and is in excellent condition.

On receiving the piece, we issue you with a $100 electronic gift card which is yours to use at any stage. It can be put towards a purchase either in store or online.


Terms & Conditions

1. We specialise in vintage / mid-century home decor and homewares (from the 1940s to the 1970s) and as such, generally stick to this timeframe and aesthetic when it comes to sourcing product. If you browse our range of items you'll get a vibe for who we are and what we do, including brands that we normally stock. As such, pieces you're looking to trade would need to align with these categories and/or style in order for us to be interested.

2. Pieces you're looking to trade would need to be in excellent vintage condition. We do not stock any items that carry wear such as chips, cracks, repairs, crazing, etc. It is very rare that we will source items with any of these defects.

3. Once an item is received and inspected an offer of a store credit will be provided. In general, this is around 30% of the cost of what the item might retail for. Some items might be less or more, dependant on factors such as condition, volume, etc.

4. If you're in the Greater Sydney area you can make an appointment to see us in our Newtown store, which can be done via email or over the phone. If you're outside of the local area and are happy to ship the items to us (at your cost), you can still proceed for a review and inspection, which can be done via email. Please ensure you arrange an appointment first, do not visit the store or send goods without prior communication.

5. The store credit, which is issued in the form of an electronic gift card, does not have an expiration date and can be used either in store or via our online sales channel.


To book an in-store appointment or have items reviewed via email, drop us a line via the below email.