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English PYREX Reference Guide

Who, what and where?

JAJ (short for James A Jobling) were the producers of PYREX tableware, casserole dishes and other bakeware in the United Kingdom from 1922 until the plant (in Sunderland, England) closed in 2007.

The production of opal PYREX commenced in the mid 1950s as canteen ware, later launching for the general public in 1957 with tableware patterns Coronet and Wild Bryony. Not long after the ‘Gaiety’ product line launched, including the ever-popular patterns Snowflake and Daisy.

These patterns became the start of a long line of opal PYREX that exploded across the 1960s, providing consumers with a vast range of designs unique to the English market.

Items were backstamped JAJ MADE IN ENGLAND until the mid-1970s, which is when Corning Glass Works, New York, purchased the company in full and items started production with the PYREX ENGLAND backstamp.

Opal PYREX produced in the United Kingdom was available until the early 1990s.


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