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Got a question about something we have in-store? Trying to source something but you can't see we have it in stock?

Or, are you looking to clear out some retro or vintage items yourself?

Drop us a line by completing the form below.


Looking to clear out and/or sell?

If you do make contact with the desire to clear out and/or sell items, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • QUALITY - if there is any damage such as cracks, chips, crazing or the sort it is unlikely we will be interested in purchasing. We source and sell damage free items only.
  • PRICING - please have a price in mind if you're looking to sell; we will always be fair in terms of pricing but at the end of the day we run a business and a business has to be profitable. Asking us to purchase goods with little or no mark up does not make business sense!
  • LOCATION - we are based in Sydney NSW, Australia and as such are happy to travel within the Greater Sydney / Central Coast / Wollongong areas of the state to collect goods. Of course if you're happy to post, then that's always an option... but bear in mind depending on your location, that will add to cost of the product you're looking to sell and it may no longer be deemed profitable for us to proceed.

We hope that makes the process a little clearer for anyone interested. We're looking forward to hearing from you!


Items we are not interested in sourcing

Times changes and as such, so do the wants (and needs) of our customer base. The below list includes items that we are not interested in sourcing at present:

  • CRYSTAL - stemware, barware, tableware and decorative items
  • BONE CHINA - teacups and saucers, tea sets, dinnerware
  • PLASTICWARE - Tupperware, picnic ware, storage items
  • SILVERWARE - cutlery, tableware, servingware, decorative items



Unfortunately we do not offer a valuation service; please do not contact us for a pricing guide on your personal items. Any requests for information relating to pricing, including items we have sold in the past, will receive a polite decline.


Come say hi!

You can also now come see us at our new retail location, in Newtown NSW. Pop on by and say hi!

We're located at the northern end of King Street, closer to the city.

8 King Street, Newtown NSW 2042


Or, chat to us LIVE!

Alternatively you can chat to us online - click the icon on the right-hand side of the page to chat live. We're (almost) always available to chat.

If you're messaging from outside of Australia, bear in mind that we may not be awake the same time you are. If so, we'll respond to your message when we're available - be sure to enter your email address to receive a response.