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Salvati & Co (Murano, Italy) Art Glass 19" Vase | Designed by Luciano Gaspari *RARE FIND*

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Salviati & Co was founded in 1859 in Murano, Italy by Dr Antonio Salviati, Enrico Podio, and Lorenzo Radi. In 1883 the company was purchased by the Barovier family, but continued under the name Salviati & Co.

After Antonio Salviati died in 1890, the company was run by Amalia Salviati Ivanich, and Salviati's two children, Giulio Salviati and Silvio Salviati. Following Silvio's death in 1920, the company was run by Maurizio Camerino and his two sons Mario Camerino and Renzo Camerino.

Key designers for the company include Dino Martens (1894-1970), Luciano Gaspari (1913-2007), Romano Chirivi (1931-), Renzo Camerino and Sergio Asti (1926-2021).

Source '20th Century Glass' website, which can be viewed here.



Model 18" Vase
Colour Aubergine, Grey

Designer Luciano Gaspari
Production Late 1950s

Dimensions 46.5cm (18") tall

Condition Excellent condition with no wear that we can see.

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