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Luminarc (France) 'Cavalier' in Ruby, White Wine Glasses (set x6)

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The Luminarc brand was created in 1948 by Jacques Durand, with the name coming from the fusion of “Lum” for light and “Arc” for the historical geolocation of Arques (in northern France). 

Luminarc is part of the French company Arc International, rebranded from Verrerie Cristallerie d'Arques which has been in production since 1825. It's one of the many brands under the still-operating and highly-successful company, which also owns Arcopal, Arcoroc and Cristal D'Arques.

Popular ranges from Luminarc from the mid-century period include Cavalier, Römer and Rosaline.



Pattern Cavalier
Colour Ruby

Production 1970s

Model White Wine Glass

Dimensions 10.5cm tall, 6cm diameter

Condition Excellent condition with no wear that we can see.

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