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Harrach / Harrachov (Czechoslovakia) 7" Vase, in Maroon/Orange | Designed by Milán Metelak

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The Harrach / Harrachov glassworks gets its name from Alois Raimund von Harrach, whose estate it was founded on in Bohemia, 1712. Shortly after, Elias Muller received permission from Count Harrach to operate the glassworks. The factory was renamed Neuwelter Hutte and soon after the area became the town of Harrachov.

In 1764 the factory was renamed Graflich Harrach'sche Glasfabrik. Nowadays the factory is usually referred to as Harrach when describing Victorian or earlier pieces, and Harrachov for the mid-century or later production.

Harrachov was nationalised in 1948 and became part of Železnobrodské Sklo, and was later moved to the Borske Sklo (1958), then Crystalex (1974).

Designers at the factory during the key mid-century period included Frantisek Koudelka (1930-92), Milan Metelák (1928-93), Milena Velíšková (1917-), and Maria Stahlikova (1922-).

The Harrachov glassworks is still in production today, now known as Sklarna Novosad & Syn Bohemia Harrachov.

Source '20th Century Glass' website, which can be viewed here.



Model 7" Vase 
Colour Maroon, Orange

Designer Milán Metelak, Rudolf Schwedler (form)
Production 1950s/60s

Dimensions 17.5cm (7") tall, 7.5cm diameter

Condition Excellent condition with no wear that we can see. 

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