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Vladimir Tretchikoff 'Chinese Girl' Framed Vintage Print | Circa 1960

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Due to the size of this incredible piece and fragility (of the glass), it is not available for shipping. We can however offer delivery in the Greater Sydney area, including the South Coast and Central Coast. Please make contact to obtain a delivery fee.

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Vladimir Tretchikoff, born in 1913, was a self-taught artist whose distinctive style captured the hearts of millions. His work, characterised by its vivid colours and dramatic themes, offers a visual feast that continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Despite facing criticism, he remained committed to his vision, creating art for the people.

Tretchikoff's work in his 'Women of the World' series would likely be his most recognisable work.

This collection is a testament to Tretchikoff’s deep respect and fascination for the diverse cultures of the places he visited. It presents captivating female portraits from around the world, their strength and grace masterfully portrayed. Through his distinctive use of colour and form, Tretchikoff immortalises these women in all their multifaceted beauty. Whether they are depicted in traditional attire or modern dress, each woman radiates a unique charm that transcends geographical boundaries.

Source, Tretchikoff's official site, which you can access here.



Print Chinese Girl (aka The Green Lady)

Original Painting Date 1952
Print and Frame Date 2 November 1960

Dimensions 63cm tall, 53cm wide

Condition Excellent vintage condition - possibly one of the best we've seen. The print colours are bright and strong with no real fading that we can see. The frame shows some light surface wear, commensurate with age. We have taken apart the piece, cleaned the glass internally and resealed the piece using new framer's backing tape.

(please excuse the reflections in the glass from the photography)

This is an official framed print as per the stamp and original label on the reverse side, done so at Boots Pure Drug Co. Ltd. in the UK.


More about the Chinese Girl:

Chinese Girl is Tretchikoff’s most well known and celebrated works. It is one of the highest-selling, and most reproduced prints of the 20th century and its allure has endured.

Tretchikoff was able to capture a universal notion of Chinese womanhood. The painting captures the exotic charm of a young Chinese woman, distinctively characterised by an unconventional blue-green skin tone, earning its colloquial title, 'The Green Lady'. This striking feature imbues the piece with an enigmatic aura and adds a unique dimension to Tretchikoff’s exploration of feminine beauty and mystique, her deferred gaze is what keeps us looking. The blend of oriental charm and surreal coloration results in a captivating visual experience, marking the Chinese Girl as an iconic symbol in art history.

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