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Riihimäki / Riihimäen Lasi (Finland) 'Stella Polaris' Bottle Vase, in Neodymium | Model #1720 | Designed by Nanny Still *RARE FIND*

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The Riihimaki glassworks was founded in 1910, in the town of Riihimaki, Finland, by M. A. Kolehmainen and his son A. P. Kolehmainen. At first they made domestic glass and container glass, and began making glass bottles and window glass in 1919.

Riihimaki became the largest glass factory in Finland after buying the Kaukalahti glassworks in 1927. The company was renamed Riihimaen Lasi Oy in 1937, and Aimo Okkolin began designing for Riihimaki in the same year.

Helena Tynell joined Riihimaki in 1949, followed by Nanny Still in 1949, and Tamara Aladin in 1959. Together these four were chief designers for Riihimaki over the next 20 years, and produced a great many popular designs which can still be easily found today.

You can read more about Riihimaki, here.


Pattern Stella Polaris, in Neodymium
Model #1720 - Bottle Vase

Designer Nanny Still
Production 1967-75

Dimensions 18.5cm tall, 14cm wide

Condition Excellent vintage condition with no wear to mention. Still retains original cork lid. Note the change is colour (to blue) when placed under a fluorescent light.

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