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Knabstrup (Denmark) 12" Ceramic Wall Plaque | Designed by Inge Exner *RARE FIND*

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Founded in 1645 as Knabstrup Brickworks, the company's heritage runs deep. In 1897, Knabstrup expanded into ceramics, initially producing clay flowerpots. Under the leadership of H. Schou, the Knabstrup Brickworks Company emerged, pioneering flowerpot production and diversifying our product range. This marked a pivotal moment, where tradition was seamlessly fused with innovation.

This marked the beginning of an illustrious 80-year journey, characterised by diverse creations ranging from vases to tableware. These products showcase the remarkable talent and artistry of the individuals who have contributed to Knabstrup's enduring legacy.

The company closed in 1988 citing financial difficulties, however reopened as Knabstrup Keramik in 2017.

You can read more about Knabstrup, here.



Model 12" Wall Plaque
Pattern Fish

Designer Inge Exner
Production 1960-61

Dimensions 30cm (12") wide, 23cm tall

Condition Great to excellent condition with no wear that we can see. The reverse has a list signatures on paper which has been attached to the piece. We have no idea what these refer to, but they certainly add to the fun history of it all!

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