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Strömbergshyttan (Sweden) 13" Vase, in Amethyst | Designed by Gunnar Nylund

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The Strömberg factory was founded in Sweden in 1876, originally as Lindfors. It was bought by Edward Strömberg in 1933, who previously ran Orrefors and later Eda glassworks and changed the name to Strömbergshyttan ("Strömberg's cabin" or "hut").

Edward worked with his wife Gerda (a designer), and others who followed them from Eda, including Knut Bergqvist, who became the master glassblower there from 1933-55.

Also at the factory was Edward & Gerda's son, Eric, who took over the company when Edward died in 1945, with his wife Asta as designer. Other key designers were Gunnar Nylund (1952-75), and Rune Strand in the 1960s. 

You can read more about Strömbergshyttan, here.


Model #B936 Vase, in Amethyst
Production 1950s

Designer Gunnar Nylund

Dimensions 33cm (13") tall, 9cm wide

Condition Great condition with no major wear that we can see. Some scratches one the reverse side, which we've tried to capture via the pictures. Some light scuffs on the base, commensurate with age. Signed to the base. Retains original foil label.

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