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Rosice (Czechoslovakia) 8" Vase, in Rosaline Pink

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Rosice was founded in 1920 but closed in 1921. It was bought by Vaclav Hrdina in 1928, and began production again, only to close again in 1931. In 1934 it was bought by Bedrich Vrtal and began production for a third time, this time with success.

In 1965, Rosice became part of the Sklo Union group. Designers at the factory include Jiři Brabec (1933–2005), Rudolf Jurnikl (1928–2010), Jan Schmid (1936-), Vladislav Urban (1937-2022), František Vízner ((1936-2011), and Rudolf Schrötter (1887).

Source '20th Century Glass' website, which can be viewed here.



Model Vase
Colour Rosaline Pink

Production 1930s

Dimensions 20.5cm (8") tall, 12.5cm diameter

Condition Great vintage condition with the only wear we can see being some rough nibbles on one leg, as per the last picture.

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