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Iwatsu Glass (Japan) from their Hineri range | Art Glass 10.5" Centrepiece

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One of Japan's most recognised manufacturers of mid-century glass is Iwatsu Glass Co, a company who produced an outstanding amount of incredible pieces predominantly bound for the Western export market.

Based in Osaka, Japan, the company were prolific in the 1960s and 1970s with a fantastic range of vases, centrepieces and art pieces, found in a variety of styles. Often mistaken for Italian and Czech pieces, these can often be found today with original Hineri foil labels still intact - Hineri being one of their glassware ranges.

Some pieces were exported under the Kamei Glass or Nanbu Glass, showcasing the exporters label rather than the Iwatsu Glass label.



A gorgeous pink centrepiece, in a large and flat style that is a well-known model and appears in a variety of colours.

The particular piece is also cased, meaning it has a layer of white glass internally which helps the exterior colour pop.

Series Hineri
Production 1960s/70s

Dimensions 9cm tall, 27cm (10.5") diameter

Condition Excellent condition with no wear that we can see.

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