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Gustavsberg (Sweden) 'Berså' 12" Rectangular Platter/Tray | Designed by Stig Lindberg *RARE FIND*

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Gustavsberg has manufactured porcelain since 1825. However, the Gustavsberg history originates from the 1600s, when Gustav Gabrielsson Oxenstierna and his wife, Maria de la Gardie, founded a brickyard in Farsta bay. In memory of Oxenstierna, Farsta bay later came to change its name to Gustavsberg. 

Throughout the company's long history (they're still in production today), a number of key and significant designers worked with the firm across the last century. Josef Ekberg (1877-1945), Wilhelm Kåge (1889-1960), Berndt Friberg (1899-1981) and perhaps the most well-known, Stig Lindberg (1916-1982) and Lisa Larson (1931-).

You can read more about Gustavsberg's history, here.


Pattern Berså
Model 12" Rectangular Platter/Tray

Designer Stig Lindberg
Production 1961-74

Dimensions 31.5cm long, 22.5cm wide, 3.5cm deep

Condition Great to excellent vintage condition with very little surface wear. A couple of minor spots of colour loss, but very minimal. Bright, shiny and glossy with no colour fade.

Please excuse the studio light reflections on the pattern.

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