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Crystalor (England) Art Deco 1930s Dressing Table Set, Rosaline Pink

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What a stunning example of gorgeous depression era glass. This particular example was made by Crystalor, in England.

We have a lovely, complete dressing table set- in a gorgeous rosaline pink; such a classic example of glass produced in the Art Deco era.

This art deco set dates back to pre WWII, circa 1930s.

Included in this spectacular (and complete) set is four pieces - shaped tray, two candlestick holders, a small trinket dish and a large round trinket dish, with a lid.

Overall this set is in outstanding condition with no wear that we can see. We have inspected each piece as to the best of our knowledge it is flaw free. It has some bubbles in the glass, as expected from manufacturing.

For a set which is just shy of 100 years old, that's remarkable.

Approx measurements are:
- shaped tray, 27.5cm long x 18cm wide x 2cm tall
- candlestick holder, 4.5cm tall x 7.5cm diameter (base)
- small trinket dish, 2.5cm tall x 7.5cm diameter
- large trinket dish, 9cm tall x 10cm diameter

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