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Borske Sklo (Czechoslovakia) 'Honeycomb' Large 8" Vase, in Amber/Blue

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Borske Sklo, originally named Borske Sklarny National Corporation, was founded in 1948, in the Novy Bor region of Czechoslovakia, and incorporated all the glassworks in the area.

In 1953 the company merged with Borocrystal and Umelecke Sklo to form Borske Sklo National Corporation

You can read more about Borske Sklo, here.


Pattern Honeycomb 
Colour Amber, Blue

Production 1940s/50s

Dimensions 20.5cm (8"), 24.5cm diameter

Condition Great to excellent condition with no chips, cracks or major pattern/colour loss to the coloured panels.


These large vases, often called 'witch bowls', were used for large displays of flowers or as single decorative centrepieces.

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