Marc Bellaire (USA) 10" Ceramic Bison Figurine #1

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Marc Bellaire Ceramics Studio was founded in the early 1950s, in Culver City, California, by Marc Bellaire (aka Donald Fleischman). He started off working for Sascha Brastoff in 1950, before opening up his own studio.

Bellaire pieces had figures that often resembled stick figures, aliens, or African people, with limbs of exaggerated length. Later pieces were in the Southwestern style of pottery.



We're excited to be able to offer not one but three pieces from Bellaire's range of ceramic bisons. Each piece differs slightly in colour due to the nature of the final colour application.

Made circa 1960s in the Bellaire studio, in California. Stamped on the base, with 'Calif. Bellaire B3'

Measures approx 24cm tall x 25.5cm long x 9cm wide.


*note the last picture which shows the three we current in our collection; each sold separately.