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Sanyu Glass (Japan) Art Glass 9.5" Vase

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One of Japan's most recognised manufacturers of mid-century glass is Sanyu Glass Co, a company who produced an outstanding amount of incredible pieces predominantly bound for the Western export market.

The company have been producing glass from as early as the 1950s, prolific in the 1960s and 1970s with a fantastic range of vases, centrepieces and art pieces, found in a variety of styles. 

Often mistaken for Italian and Czech pieces, these can often be found today with a variety of labels including Fantasy or Narumi foil labels still intact - both being some of their glassware ranges.



A gorgeous deep pink and dark indigo vase, in a style that is a well-known model and appears in a variety of colours. 

Production 1960s/70s

Dimensions 24.5cm tall

Condition Great to excellent condition with no major wear that we can see. Some light scratches, but very minimal. Retains its original paper/foil label.

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