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Squat 9" Glass Candy Dish, in Mint Green | Made in Portugal

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Portuguese glass manufacturing has a history which dates back to the 18th century, in Marinha Grande, a municipality in the coastal Leiria District of the country.

The glass industry in Marinha Grande is still in operation today, being Portugal's largest for glass manufacturing. In fact, over 250 companies still operate in the region, with it being Europe's largest moulding industry. The town itself has earned the nickname of 'The Crystal City'.



Production 1960s

Model Candy Dish
Colour Mint Green

Dimensions 23cm (9") tall, 16cm diameter

Condition Condition Great vintage condition, with the only bit of wear we can see is a couple of rough edges on the rim (but very small).

This is 'cased' glass, meaning there is an internal layer of white glass allowing the external colour to really pop.

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