Wedgwood (England) 'Sunflower' 11" Handled Rectangular Platter | Antique English Majolica

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The Wedgwood story began in 1759 when the founder, Josiah Wedgwood started as an independent potter in Burslem, England. Fast forward over 260 years and they’re still producing many of the materials he invented, such as Jasper, Queen’s Ware and Black Basalt.

Wedgwood began producing majolica ware in the late 1800s, after Minton & Co produced the first pieces in 1851. Many examples of their majolica emphasise the low relief patterning, typically of basketwork and foliage, with the cabbage design being one of their most popular and desirable.

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Pattern: Sunflower
Model: 11" Handled Rectangular Platter

Dimensions: 27.5cm long x 20.5cm wide x 2.5cm tall

Condition: Great to excellent antique condition.