Vintage Pull-Down Educational School Map - Australia and South-East Asia, Map #105 | Published by Chas. H. Scally & Co, NSW | Circa 1960s

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A fabulous addition to any home decor - and perfect to fill that blank space you've been looking at for ages.

We're excited to be able to offer this great pull-down educational school map of Australia and South-East Asia, Map #105 (fourth edition). Published by Chas. H. Scally & Co in Wollstonecraft, NSW. This version was printed in the late 1960s, we're lead to believe.

This beauty is a sight to behold, measuring a nice 1.15m tall and 95cm wide.

It's in good to great vintage condition, with some wear along the edges as you'd expect and some discolouration, as well as a couple of worn holes in the top left-hand corner. We believe the material is a linen canvas base, and it has wooden dowels.