Vintage Ceramic Lamp Bases | Bright, Retro Orange Glaze [Sold Separately]

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Absolutely fabulous and completely retro ceramic lamp bases!


(left to right)

1. Tall deep orange ceramic glaze, with a dropping glaze effect in tones of red, brown and cream. The finish is chip and crack free. It does have some crazing, but it looks as though it is intentional in the glaze and part of the finish as it's even across the entire base.

Measures approx 30cm tall to the top of the ceramic, 45cm tall to the top of the light fixture. The base has a diameter of just over 20cm.

It is unmarked so we are unable to confirm the manufacturer. There is a possibility it is West German, but more likely Australian (Ellis Pottery?) or Japanese. REGARDLESS it is stunning and would make the perfect table lamp base. Colours and so bright and gorgeous... certainly has some spunk to it!

2. Smaller light orange ceramic glaze, with bands of black vertical strokes. The finish is mostly damage free; there is a small repair which we've captured via the pictures and a chip on the base, which can't be seen when the lamp is upright. Another beautiful colourway.

Measures approx 24cm tall to the top of the ceramic, 26cm tall to the top of the light fixture. The base has a diameter of 13.5cm.

This base is also unmarked but there is cardboard covering the base, which we have not removed to see if there are any signatures/markings underneath. Again we're unable to confirm the manufactured but we have the same train of thought as the previous lamp base.

Both lamps work but do not have new electrical wiring. Both are fitted with Australian electrical cords and plugs.

Choose your favourite!