Vintage Art Glass Perfume Bottle | Murano Sommerso Glass

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A lovely example of sommerso glass, made in Murano, Italy.

Measuring 16.5cm tall and 8.5cm wide, this gorgeous perfume bottle certainly has a WOW factor to it.

While we know this is from the island of Murano, we're unable to identify the manufacturer due to the lack of signature or paper/foil label in existence.

Sommerso glass, made famous on the island of Murano, involves internally layering different coloured glass to get a submerged effect (the English translation of the Italian word, sommerso).

This example has cobalt blue and deep magenta submerged in the clear glass.

It's in great vintage condition and does show some light surface wear, commensurate with age. Very light of course. There is a smooth section on the rim, addition to the stopper - manufacturing flaw?

There are some bubbles in the glass from manufacturing, as often seen in these types of pieces.