Koshida Glass (Japan) Art Glass Centrepiece

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One of Japan's manufacturers of mid-century glass that is not as well known that some of the others is Koshida Glass, a company who produced a smaller amount of incredible pieces, but still predominantly focused on the Western export market.

Koshida glass can be distinguished by the pontil or base of their pieces, which normally have a thick border with a defined, square or round concave base.

These can often be found today with a KOF Glass foil labels still intact - KOF Glass being one of their glassware ranges.



A lovely deep orange-red centrepiece, in a basket style which is a well-known model and appears in a variety of colours.

Measuring 15cm tall, 37cm long and 12.5cm wide, this piece in great to excellent vintage condition with no chips, cracks or major scratches. There are some bubbles in the glass from manufacturing and some light surface scratches, mainly towards the base; expected and seen often in these types of pieces.