Vintage Art Glass Centrepiece | Iwatsu Glass, from their Hineri range | Made in Japan

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An incredibly striking piece for any space!

Measuring a tall 31cm and 12cm wide, this stunning cased cranberry pink sculptured and triangular centrepiece certainly has a WOW factor to it.

We know that this is from the Hineri range, made by Iwatsu Glass in Osaka, Japan as we've had others in this shape confirmed before.

It's in great vintage condition with cracks or major scratches, but there is a slither clip on the base of one of the corners. If it wasn't for this we'd say it was in excellent condition!

There are some bubbles in the glass from manufacturing and some light surface scratches on the base; expected and seen often in these types of pieces.

A real showstopper, for sure... it really it quite eye-catching!