Tupperware (Australia) Storage Containers [sold separately]

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Earl Tupper introduced the range of plastic containers in the USA in 1946. Their trademark was the distinctive “burping” seal. In the early 1950s the Tupperware party became the unique marketing method.

The first Australian Tupperware party was held by Mary Paton in her mother’s home in Camberwell, Melbourne. Mary’s sister Ruth became the first Australian Demonstrator. When Tupper first patented his Tupperware range it was sold through department and hardware stores and was less than successful.

Its eventual success and growth into a global giant with a sales force of around 1.9 million is attributed to the ‘party plan’ sales method introduced by Brownie Wise.

Read more, here: https://australianfoodtimeline.com.au/first-tupperware-party/


1 x storage container/canister - three available; sold separately
21cm diameter x 8.5cm tall

All in great vintage condition with minimal wear. Some scuffs as expected with age, but overall really great. They still have their signature 'burp' when sealed too!