Tall 22" Empoli Decanter/Bottle, in Cobalt Blue (Option #1) | Made in Italy | Straight-Cut Diamond Decor

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Empoli, as a municipality itself, is approx 30kms (45 mins) slightly south-west of Florence, in the region of Tuscany, Italy. It’s the somewhat forgotten region of the country when it comes to glass manufacturing, behind the well-known Murano or Venetian glass.

Glass making in the Empoli region of Italy actually has a history which dates to the 1500s, when local glass production was known as ‘verde’ (Italian for green). The traditional verde glass was created for a number of both functional and decorative pieces during its time.

However, during the peak post-war period, decorative items produced in Empoli and the surrounding region were manufactured at an all-time high, bound for western international markets. Across the peak of the 1950s through the early 1970s, decorative decanters, vessels, vases and the like were exported and sold at various department stores in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, etc.

Catalogues for department stores and home styling magazines of the era can be found today online showcasing decorative Italian decanters and vases, for the most part originating from the Empoli region.


A wonderful tall genie bottle in the straight-cut diamond decor, in the rarer cobalt blue colour way.

This beauty is in excellent vintage condition with no chips, cracks or major wear on the body. It has its original glass stopper and a part paper/foil label that reads 'Made in Italy'.

This particular bottle has a thicker neck (internally) and as such the glass stopper doesn't sit the entire way inside the bottle, as per the last picture. It also has a slight lean, which can be addressed by rotating the bottle to stand the way you prefer. A little quirk from manufacturing!

Being a tall genie bottle, it measures approx 55cm (22") tall.

Made in Italy.


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