Tall 16" Vintage Murano Glass Table Lamp Bases (set x2) | Set #2 | Made by Gino Mazzuccato, in Murano, Italy *RARE FIND*

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The Gino Mazzuccato glass factory was founded in 1958 by Gartano Mazzuccato, better known as Gino. Starting as a little family run business, it has now become a company with over 50 employees.

The business grew very fast and today it is one of the strongest company of the whole island of Murano, passing hard moments and economic crisis thanks to the solidity of the company.

Nowadays the Gino Mazzuccato glass factory produces high quality artworks, following and respecting the old glass blowing techniques, supplying important clients, such as the military forces, private and public companies, and a very wide number of private clients that visit the glass factory and the showroom in Murano every year.

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We're excited to be able to offer an exquisite pair of original Mazzuccato vintage table lamp bases.

These incredible examples of classic Murano glassmaking are truly a sight to be hold. Measuring approx 41cm (16") to the top of the glass and 51cm (20") to the top of the light fitting, these tall beauties are an excellent size - ready to showcase the true craftsmanship of the company.

Each is created using hand-blown techniques that Mazzuccato have used since their inception in the late 1950s. The soft pink glass is layered with gold leaf throughout, in a bubble or circular design. There are slight differences in the shape and style, a true indication of individual work as every single piece that leaves the workshop has its own unique attributes.

Incredibly, both lamp bases have their original Mazzuccato sticker and their official company code to confirm not only the manufacturer but their level of authenticity, as authorised by the Vetro Artistico Murano. The Mazzuccato company code is 017.

Additionally, both lamp bases have been fitted to work with Australian electrical standards.

Sold as a pair.


Note this is the one of two pairs we have available, in a slightly darker pink that the other set.