Tall 15.5" Empoli Decanter/Bottle, in Peacock Blue | Made in Italy | Bubble/Hobnail Decor

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The original Italian decanters/bottles really are the epitome of the mid-century and retro eras - almost every household across the 1960s/70s had one (or more!) or these on display.

We've managed to secure a wonderful range of Empoli pieces - all up for grabs!


A wonderful tall decnater/bottle in the bubble/hobnail decor, in peacock blue. And, one of the rarer models too - the cylindrical / straight-sided version. These are rarer than the standard bulbous base beauties.

This beauty is in great vintage condition, with a couple of small flaws - a small chip on the underside of the rim, and some manufacturing folds internal to the glass from the glass-making process. It does not have its original glass stopper.

Being a tall genie bottle, it measures approx 40cm (15.5") tall.

Made in Italy.