Sklarna Chřibská (Czechoslovakia) Tall 11" Art Glass Vase/Centrepiece | Designed by Josef Hospodka

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Founded in 1414, Sklarna Chribská is one of the oldest and longest-running glassworks in the (now) Czech Republic. From the mid-1950s onwards, its production was revolutionised by a youthful Josef Hospodka's 'off-hand' designs formed entirely at the furnace.

The company reacted against traditional Bohemian cut designs, and reflected fashionable design developments on Murano and in Scandinavia in terms of their organic, bua-like forms, vibrant colours, and cased forms.

Source 'Sklo, Czech Glass Design from the 1950s-70s' by Mark Hill



Designer Josef Hospodka
Production 1950s/60s

Dimensions 28.5cm (11") tall, 18.5cm wide, 10.5cm deep

Condition Excellent vintage condition with no chips, cracks or major scratches.
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