Siltal (Italy) Enamel Large Saucepan/Stockpot | Egyptian Hieroglyphics | Designed by Carla Agnelli

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A stunning selection of vintage Siltal enamelware, made in Italy, in the early 1970s.

This incredible piece features an Egyptian hieroglyphic design, in the rarer colour of black on periwinkle blue. The pattern was designed by Carla Agnelli, for the US chef, Robert Carrier.

Other colours were made available including turquoise, red, orange and brown.


Model: Large Saucepan/Stockpot
Dated: September, 1971

Dimensions: 17.5cm tall x 16.5cm diameter - not incl. handles on the top or side

This beauty is in good to great vintage condition. The saucepan itself it fairly free from damage internally, externally there is a chip on the base. The lid shows almost zero wear.