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Scheurich (West Germany) Large Pottery Floor Vase | Model #284-47

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Although they started late, Scheurich produced more items from the 1960s through the 1980s than any of the other art pottery companies. They didn’t vary as much on their forms (vase shapes), but explored a range of glazes - more so than any other company.

Today, whilst they produced a huge volume of different models and glazes, they remain popular today with many West German pottery collectors.


A stunning and HUGE West German pottery floor vase, with a red floral design on a white and brown backdrop.

This large beauty is in great to excellent vintage condition. We cannot see any major chips or cracks, only one very small nick on the base (as per the last picture). A couple of scuff marks on the glaze, but minimal. A really sensational piece.

Model 284-47, meaning it's 47cm tall.

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