San Marino Pottery; Wall Plaque with Sgraffito Design

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Across the early 1950s a number of pottery producers opened their doors to manufacturing ceramics in the independent state of San Marino. Companies such as Marmaca, Titano and Libertas had a very successful run of goods, through the decade and well into the 1960s.

Whilst the style of pottery produced in this region is easily recognisable, not all companies marked or labelled their items, making it somewhat difficult to identify the exact maker of each piece. Regardless, there's no mistaking the beauty of San Marino pottery.


This wall plaque was made by an unknown manufacturer, as it's not labelled as such. We do believe this was made by Libertas however. It features a sgraffito head of a woman with flowers, with a traditional lava or foamy like glaze in the background.

It is in excellent vintage condition with no wear to mention. It measures approx 43cm tall and 16.5cm at its widest point.