Rörstrand (Sweden) 'Koka Blå' aka Cook Blue, 15" Rectangular Baker [sold separately]

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Rörstrand was founded in the castle of Rörstrand in Stockholm 1726 under the direction of Johann Wolff, a German porcelain maker. This makes Rörstrand the second oldest brand of ceramics in Europe (after Meissen, 1709).

Fast forward to the 1950s and Marianne Westman, “the Porcelain mother”, started to work in Rörstrand and created best-selling patterns such as Mon Amie, Picknick and My Garden. The 50's was Rörstrand’s most dynamic decade by far.

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Koka Blå aka Cook Blue
15" Rectangular Baker

Produced from 1956
Designed by Hertha Bengtson

39.5cm long x 18cm wide x 4.5cm tall

Excellent vintage condition with very little surface wear.

Two available, sold separately.