Orrefors (Sweden) Crystal Candlestick Holders (set x2)

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Orrefors Glassworks was founded in 1898 on the same site where ironworks operations had been run since 1726. In the same year that the glassworks was founded, a hot shop was built for making technical, medical and household glass and stemware to make use of waste wood and labour. Glass now replaced the less profitable ironworks operations.

In 1913, Consul Johan Ekman from Gothenburg became the new owner of Orrefors Glassworks. He appointed Albert Ahlin as manager of the glassworks and this marked the start of a new era. In 1914, Orrefors started manufacturing crystal products, and as well as cut crystal according to purchased patterns and samples, Orrefors made art glass using the overlay technique with etched decoration.

You can read more about their history, here:


A fabulous pair or Orrefors crystal candlestick holders.

Measuring approx 23cm tall, both pieces are in great to excellent vintage condition with no wear to mention.