MASKETEERS INC (USA) flying mallards / ducks (x3)

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MASKETEERS INC are renowned for their teak wall decor which commenced in the late 1950s. Whilst they produced work until the mid-80s, they experienced the peak and bulk of their works in the 1960s.

They produced a range of various animal teak wall hangings which include cats, geese, monkeys, camels, fish, peacocks... with their most famous pieces being the set of three ducks.

We have a set of three mallards / ducks - somewhat hard to find - each in great vintage condition. There is some patina marks and scratches on the metal wings, which can be expected with age. Check out the pictures - you can see that these don't detract from the beauty of these pieces!

Review each picture for a closer look - we've captured some close ups to help.

A great collection and an absolute MUST for any collector or mid-century modern wall decor.

Approx dimensions are about 50cm wide and 30cm long, excluding the mallard with open wings which is about 50cm long.

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